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Proper Atrium modelling

A main reason of Inform Design’s involvement was to assist JM with properly modelling the Atrium using a Dynamic Thermal Modelling (DTM) software tool that can properly account for the temperature stratification in the space, as well as the impact of bi-directional flows on the temperature stratification. The aim was to suggest a skylight with maximum daylight benefits while avoiding overheating. 

As an one-node model (not accounting for the temperature stratification in the space - well-mixed space) would provide a temperature that corresponds to the vertical and horizontal centre of the Atrium, we were assigned to provide a more accurate assessment using an in-house DTM software tool that can capture such phenomena.

one node model

temperature stratification

direct solar component

bi-directional flows

proper predictions

Atrium-Temperature Stratification.jpg
Atrium-Solar Radiation.jpg
Atrium-Bidirectional Flow.jpg
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