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Design solutions

In Inform Design we often provide a “palette” of well-functioning (performance-wise) solutions and let our Client decide which one is more preferable depending on appearance, cost, maintenance scheme and feasibility. In our case we provided 3 solutions to choose from:

Shading alternative 1.jpg

Alternative 1: Highly Selective Glazing with transparent looks and rather good light quality + properly designed fixed vertical elements: this solution can “cleverly” shade the building without altering the quality of light or fully blocking the views. Such angle dependent solar control mechanisms can be an attractive and well performing solution, if properly assessed and designed.

Shading alternative 2.jpg

Alternative 2: Solar control (reflective) Glazing: Maintenance free solution, providing a “clean” but simultaneously “mirror” look. This solution can impact on the light quality and alter the perception of daylight especially in overcast sky conditions.

Shading alternative 3.jpg

Alternative 3: Highly Selective Glazing with transparent looks and internal or external fabrics. The main advantage of this option is that when the fabrics are not used, the façade is clean and transparent; the main disadvantage is that when the fabrics are used, both looks, views out and daylight are compromised (especially if fabrics are internally placed).

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