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Simulation vs. Real life overheating risk

Operative temperature without accounting for Direct Solar Component

Overheating no DSC.png

To properly assess overheating risk, we need to account for 3 parameters: (a) Air Temperatures, (b) Mean Radiant Temperatures and (c) The impact of Direct Solar Component on the occupants. While the 2 first parameters are most often accounted for in thermal comfort assessments, it is very rare that the 3rd parameter is taken into consideration. The impact of Direct Solar component is limited in a rather conventional façade but in such highly glazed space it can be dominant. Not accounting for this factor during the design process will result in add-hoc solutions (at a later stage) significantly affecting costs, views out, daylight and the Architectural intent. Therefore, proper overheating risk assessments are essential.

bild 1.jpg


Overheating with DSC.png

Operative temperature accounting for Direct Solar Component

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