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Architect: SPARCH | Client: PRODEA Investments

Location: Athens, Greece


Fragoklisias office building is an exciting 14,000 sqm prime development in Maroussi, Athens. This is one of the four major commercial development projects our multi-disciplinary team is currently managing. The Architects are SPARCH, while Arbitrage Real Estate is acting as Project Manager on behalf of Prodea Investments.

The scope of our work was to suggest façade configurations (with regard to glazing & shading combinations) that met the set solar performance requirements and follow the architectural intent. Key parameters to providing a balanced solar protection solution were: (a) the amount and quality of the light we invite in the occupied spaces (b) the provision of real life views out (ability of the occupants to connect with the outdoors) and (c) last but not least adequate solar protection that minimized the overheating risk.

Fragoklisias office building

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