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Job opening: Intern position

JAN. 17, 2023

Inform Design is opening the opportunity for an internship position.

Training: The intern will go through an intensive training program. During the internship the intern should gain solid knowledge on steady state and dynamic thermal modelling tools and improve his/hers understanding on their application to inform the envelope design.

Project work: The intern will work in Swedish and international projects under the supervision of our engineers. He/ she will enjoy the opportunity to observe how engineering “merges” with design and how building physics can inform building envelope decisions at different project stages.

General requirements:
• Problem solving mindset and analytical thinking
• Hard working and appreciating the value of training
• Responsible - take ownership of his/her work
• Ability to search for information and ask for help when necessary

Technical requirements:
• Basic understanding of glazing properties (e.g., U-value, g-value, and LT)
• Interest in Dynamic Thermal Modelling and Daylight assessments
• Experience with Dynamic Thermal Modelling tools is a plus
• Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator skills are a plus
• Grasshopper skills is a plus: (a) ability to use scripts, (b) ability to make adjustments to script inputs and outputs (c) ability to create result visualizations with Grasshopper
• Knowledge of Ladybug Tools 1.4.0 is a plus: (a) solar gains assessments and (b) daylight assessments

Applications should be sent to:


Job opening: Engineer/Architect

JAN. 17, 2023

Inform Design is opening an Engineer/Architect position

Job description: the candidate will be working on a daily basis with analysis using Dynamic Thermal Modelling and Daylight tools. He/she will be compiling Sketchbooks and liaising with our team in order provide solutions that inform the building envelope design.

General requirements:
• Ability to demonstrate problem solving approach.
• Work effectively under pressure and deliver in high quality
• Work under limited supervision, take ownership of his/her work
• Good planning and organisational skills

Technical requirements:
• Experience with steady state calculations of glazing performance (WIS 3, LBNL suite, etc).
• Experience with Dynamic Thermal Modelling tools: IDA ICE, EnergyPlus through DesignBuilder or EnergyPlus through LBT (Ladybug tools) (at least 1 of the 3 options). The candidate should be able to demonstrate reasonable understanding of the physics/modelling methods used behind those tools and not act only as a user.
• Experience with Grasshopper & Ladybug Tools 1.4.0 for i) solar gains assessments and ii) daylight assessments. More specifically (a) ability to use and edit existing scripts (b) ability to develop scripts to parameterize facade geometry (windows, shading elements etc.) (c) ability to create scripts for results visualizations (d) experience with data tree management (e) experience with Grasshopper/Excel interoperability
• Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator skills are a plus

Applications should be sent to:


Publication on GLASS&FASADE magazine

FEB, 01 2022

This article describes a joint effort by White Arkitekter and Inform Design to tailor-design the envelope of an office building that is articulated across multiple orientations. The primary motivation for this collaboration was our intention to deliver well-performing facades regarding solar protection without requiring high-tech solutions that increase investment and maintenance costs. The challenge was to tailor design facades that are partially exposed and partially shaded from the building volume. The set goals included solar protection, all-year-round daylight utilization, protected views out, minimizing costs for internal shading devices, and retaining light quality.


Publication on GLASS&FASADE magazine

DEC 13, 2021

One more publication in the GLASS&FASADE magazine. This time we published the work carried out along Kanozi Architects. BonTop is a high-end residential project with a large indoor garden. Our scope was to advise on glazing and carry out extensive thermal comfort assessments.


Publication on GLASS&FASADE magazine

JUN. 21, 2021

Excited to have one more of our works published on GLASS&FASADE magazine (
This time is all about our conceptual work on the skylight of "The LOOP". Interactively with James Reader (White Arkitekter), we worked towards a skylight design that can meet high real life performance and serve the Architectural intent. Key to our added project value was utilizing the valuable raytracing and optimization technical skills our new colleague, Iason Bournas brought to our team.
As always, we think that quality is the result of intelligent effort.


Job opening

MAY 05, 2021


Engineer or Architect with background in building physics and sustainable design.
We are looking for a motivated new colleague (Engineer or Architect) with background in building physics and sustainable design.

The candidate should be motivated, hard working with a problem solving mentality and he/she should be able to work under limited supervision. As we are a highly interactive practice our new colleague should be able to work effectively within a team and demonstrate interest to communicate results to our clients.
The candidate should also demonstrate the ability to process results and derive reasonable conclusions from analysis.

Experience in the following tools is a strong asset:
Steady state tools (glazing): LBNL suite, WIS3
Dynamic Thermal Modelling tools: IDA ICE, EnergyPlus (interfaces Design Builder, Honeybee), TranSYS, IES-VE
Daylight tools: Radiance, Grasshopper, Daysim
Thermal bridges software tools: HEAT 2&3, Physibel suite

If you think you are the right candidate, please feel free to send your CV, portfolio and a letter of interest to:


The Loop

APR. 12, 2021

Very happy to be working alongside White Arkiteker and SKANSKA from an early concept stage of "The Loop".

The building, due for completion in 2022, will be an important component of Science Village’s infrastructure. The Loop will facilitate interaction between commercial companies and the region’s researchers, and aims to be a place where ideas and innovations are developed into useful technologies and products. The building will have 6 floors, with areas designed for companies, conferences, infrastructure, exhibitions and concerts.

Inform Design's contribution is in the field of facades and building physics. Our aim is to suggest solutions that will allow for enhanced real life performance in terms of solar gains, occupant comfort and daylight.


BonTop closed garden

MAR. 06, 2021

One more very interesting project we are privileged to work on: the "Bontop Mölnlycke". This time is alongside Bo Aktivt and Kanozi Arkitekter.
Our contribution is to advise on the skylight glazing configurations and ventilation strategies to ensure maximum daylight of good quality that enhance the well-being of plants and occupants while minimizing overheating risk.
Our building physics skills allow us to properly assess complex building physics phenomena and through adaptive comfort models advise on solutions that match the Clients needs and the Architectural intent.
At Inform Design we believe that sophisticated engineering can lead to simple solutions and support the initial architectural intent, while poor engineering requires complex solutions and ad-hocs compromising design and costs. In other words, sometimes "cheap can become very expensive"
More on the project under: and


The Wave: our 4th international project

MAR. 02, 2021

Very happy to be working on our 4th International Project. This time it is alongside PRODEA Investments and Tsolakis Architects. "The Wave" is a refurbishment project in the center of Athens overlooking Acropolis.
Inform Design's role is to optimize the design of the fixed external elements, in order to provide maximum real life daylight and views out, limit solar gains and satisfy the Architectural intent.
Real pleasure carrying out highly technical assessments and informing the facade design of such interesting projects.
More information on the project under: and


A big welcome to Iason

FEB. 01, 2021

Iason is specialised in the field of advanced Daylight assessments. Concurently with his current work at Inform Design, he is pursuing his doctorate degree in Architecture from Lund University (LTH) on the evaluation of building daylight performance by means of Radiance simulations. His so-far research work has been recognized with various awards, among them the Simulation Award at the IBPSA Nordic 2017 conference.

He previously earned his MSc degree from the Energy and Building Design division at Lund University. Iason is lecturing and tutoring at Lund University in the MSc and BArch levels and supervises daylight-oriented graduate theses.


Belgrove House

SEP. 16, 2020

Contributing in our 3rd international project

After the "International Quarters London (IQL)" London, UK and the "Fraggoklisias Office Building" Athens, Greece, we were delighted to work on our 3rd International project. This time it was "Belgrove House" London, UK; we were fortunate to team up with FMDC and contribute in early stage decision making process with regard to potential benefits of Double Skin Facade systems.

Real pleasure working on very interesting projects, alongside highly skilled colleagues.


Publication in the Glass & Fasade magazine

MAY 25, 2020

Torslandaskolan: Design of fixed elements for optimized perfromance

This time it was all about supporting LINK Arkitektur optimize the geometry of fixed external elements to maximize real life daylight and views out, while minimizing overheating risk. Elemental part of our approach was the proper combination of Dynamic Thermal Modelling and Raytracing tools. At Inform Design we believe that properly advising on solar control mechanisms is a challenging task that requires thorough knowledge of building physics, clear understanding of the possibilities and limitations of simulation tools and setting the right performance requirements. Intention is not enough to lead to a successful design; inadequate knowledge will result in poor solutions that will be costly and will negatively impact on performance and design.


Fragoklisias Office Building

APR. 16, 2020

Very satisfied to be contributing with our work in our 2nd international project. Within a bit more than 3 years of operation we managed to work in 2 major buildings (IQL - International Quarters London and recently Fragoklisias Office Building) outside of the Swedish borders and inform the design. Hopefully soon we get a third one!


Integrated Facades Lecture at UCL

FEB. 02, 2020

It was a real pleasure to be invited for the 3rd consecutive year by the University College London (UCL), to give a lecture on Integrated Facade Design. A very good MSc programme, in a highly respected University.


ZAK World of Facades

OCT. 15, 2019

Harris Poirazis presented our inside-out approach at ZAK World of Facades last week in Stockholm (LinkedIn).


Smaragden published in Glass & Fasade magazine

SEP. 23, 2019

Very excited to have Smaragden published in the Glass & Fasade magazine

Having worked closely with White Arkitekter we tailor-designed the fully glazed envelope of the building in order to create a welcoming space where the users will always experience improved thermal conditions compared to outdoors. (


Co-work Eden published in Glass & Fasade magazine

JAN 03, 2019

Very happy to have our work published in the Glass & Fasade magazine

One more example how we managed to add value in architectural design without compromising performance. This time it was the EDEN project where we have been working closely to White Arkitekter and Kungsleden during the concept stage (


ZAK World of facades

MAY 23, 2019

Proud to be presenting at the ZAK World of Facades ( on the 10th of October in Stockholm.

Harris Poirazis will be speaking on how to tailor-design Highly Glazed Façades to meet Indoor Climate targets. We are looking forward to it!


Helsingborgs Sjukhusområde; Publication on Glass & Fasade Magazine

FEB. 25, 2019

Happy to publish our work for the Helsingborgs Sjukhusområde on Glass & Fasade magazine (

This article describes a joint effort between LINK Arkitektur and Inform Design to create well day-lit Atria spaces that simultaneously minimize overheating risk and improve the patients’ experience.

​Our contribution included:

(a) selectively place frit in the Atria facades: Work towards an elaborated “tailored façade design” depending on the amount of solar exposure the different areas of the façade experience.

(b) properly integrate reflectors: Convert the rather dark and dull atria to actively daylit environments where rays of beam solar radiation will cast along the façades and the ground of the atria, moving over the course of the day.


EDEN Atrium; Publication on Glas Magazine

JAN. 06, 2019

Glad to have our work with White Architects published in the Glas Magazine (, pages 48-56).

The collaboration between White Architects and Inform Design was initiated to ensure a high quality design of the fully glazed Eden Atrium. Key to this collaboration was the common goal to enable for the Architectural vision to be expressed in its full intend and simultaneously ensure enhanced occupants’ and visitors’ experience using fixed, easily maintainable solutions that do not over-complicate design and performance.

We believe that sophisticated engineering can lead to simple solutions and support the initial architectural intent, while poor engineering often requires complex solutions and ad-hocs compromising design and costs.


3rd Annual Innovative Glazing Global Summit

OCT. 08, 2018

Very happy to be presenting at the 3rd Annual Innovative Glazing Summit during the 29-30 November 2018 in Vienna.

The aim of the presentation is to give our perspective in the selection process of glass products that allows for enhanced indoor climate and occupant satisfaction. Focusing on highly glazed spaces, we will discuss the performance challenges we often meet and the obstacles that at times force us to compromise design. Using previous projects as examples we will attempt to demonstrate how early involvement of Building Physics services increases confidence in design and allows the architectural team to pursue their design ideas without compromising performance.


Seminar: Pushing the boundaries of glazed facades

MAR. 15, 2018

Proud to have presented our services among such great speakers
A quick description of the seminar:

- The title is: Pushing the boundaries of glazed façades
- The main aim: give our perspective in how Architects and Engineers can work together and make sure that we deliver performance without compromising the architectural vision or costs when it comes to glass facades
- The speakers: versatile from different backgrounds.
- When & where: Stockholm (World Trade Centre, Manhattan), March 16th, (07:15 – 14:00)


Participation in IEA SHC Task 61

FEB. 28, 2018

Very happy to be presenting at the 1st Industry workshop on "Integrated Solutions for daylighting and electrical lighting". Even happier to seize the opportunity and listen to our co-presenters deploying possibilities and limitations of their research and everyday challenges; really insightful! Looking forward to the work and findings of this promising IEA Task.


Collaboration agreement with ARUP

SEP. 03, 2017

We are very happy to announce the initiation of our collaborative agreement with ARUP.

Our collaboration focuses on sharing existing knowledge and further developing methods that accurately assess indoor climate and occupant comfort. In more detail, we aim to link existing ARUP tools (specializing in thermal comfort), to methods we have been developing in collaboration with Lund University. The aim is to to broaden existing knowledge and bring accurate assessments that represent real life experience at the doorstep of architectural design.

​It is an absolute pleasure for us to work closely with such a forward thinking practice as ARUP and set common goals that can broaden our horizons, improve the quality of work and consequentially increase our added value to project work.

​Looking forward to this new venture!


GPD Step Change participation & presentation on thermal comfort tool

JUL. 02, 2017

A couple of days ago we participated in the "Step Change" of the GPD conference as a start up company. We had the opportunity to listen interesting presentations and meet good people both from the industry and the consulting world. ​ Medina also had the chance to present her work on Thermal Comfort Models; for a preview of her presentation please click in the link below:


We are participating in Glass Performance Days (GPD), 2017, Finland

MAY. 07, 2017

We are happy to announce our participation at the Glass Performance Days (GPD) Conference in Tampere, Finland on the 28th of June 2017 ( Our engineer Medina Deliahmedova will present a paper on Advanced Thermal Comfort Assessments focusing on Highly Glazed Spaces. More in depth, the paper focuses on thermal comfort in highly glazed and transitory spaces, examining the existing comfort models and utilizing them for informing the building design.


Collaboration with Lund University: Supervising 2 MSc thesis that aim to assist designers and improve building envelope performance

FEB. 13, 2017

We are very happy to be actively involved in 2 MSc thesis creating tools & methods that will assist designers and engineers select proper solar control mechanisms and assess the performance of complex fenestration systems. The 2 projects we are driving are: Developing a design method for driving solar control mechanism selection: a method that will help designers select the most effective solar control mechanisms (selective coatings, fabrics, venetian blinds, etc.) for their projects.


A big welcome to Medina

FEB. 01, 2017

As from the 1st of February Medina will be joining our consulting practice "'Inform Design'". Medina is a Constructive Architect/Engineer with a specialisation in Dynamic Thermal Modelling and a strong background in Thermal Comfort. She is a graduate of the MSc course in Energy Efficient and Environmental Building Design of Lund University. Welcome Medina!


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