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Job opening: Engineer/Architect

JAN. 17, 2023

Job opening: Engineer/Architect

Inform Design is opening an Engineer/Architect position

Job description: the candidate will be working on a daily basis with analysis using Dynamic Thermal Modelling and Daylight tools. He/she will be compiling Sketchbooks and liaising with our team in order provide solutions that inform the building envelope design.

General requirements:
• Ability to demonstrate problem solving approach.
• Work effectively under pressure and deliver in high quality
• Work under limited supervision, take ownership of his/her work
• Good planning and organisational skills

Technical requirements:
• Experience with steady state calculations of glazing performance (WIS 3, LBNL suite, etc).
• Experience with Dynamic Thermal Modelling tools: IDA ICE, EnergyPlus through DesignBuilder or EnergyPlus through LBT (Ladybug tools) (at least 1 of the 3 options). The candidate should be able to demonstrate reasonable understanding of the physics/modelling methods used behind those tools and not act only as a user.
• Experience with Grasshopper & Ladybug Tools 1.4.0 for i) solar gains assessments and ii) daylight assessments. More specifically (a) ability to use and edit existing scripts (b) ability to develop scripts to parameterize facade geometry (windows, shading elements etc.) (c) ability to create scripts for results visualizations (d) experience with data tree management (e) experience with Grasshopper/Excel interoperability
• Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator skills are a plus

Applications should be sent to:

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