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Job opening: Intern position

DEC. 17, 2023

Job opening: Intern position

Inform Design is opening the opportunity for an internship position.

Training: The intern will go through an intensive training program. During the internship the intern should gain solid knowledge on steady state and dynamic thermal modelling tools and improve his/hers understanding on their application to inform the envelope design.

Project work: The intern will work in Swedish and international projects under the supervision of our engineers. He/ she will enjoy the opportunity to observe how engineering “merges” with design and how building physics can inform building envelope decisions at different project stages.

General requirements:
• Problem solving mindset and analytical thinking
• Hard working and appreciating the value of training
• Responsible - take ownership of his/her work
• Ability to search for information and ask for help when necessary

Technical requirements:
• Basic understanding of glazing properties (e.g., U-value, g-value, and LT)
• Interest in Dynamic Thermal Modelling and Daylight assessments
• Experience with Dynamic Thermal Modelling tools is a plus
• Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator skills are a plus
• Grasshopper skills is a plus: (a) ability to use scripts, (b) ability to make adjustments to script inputs and outputs (c) ability to create result visualizations with Grasshopper
• Knowledge of Ladybug Tools 1.4.0 is a plus: (a) solar gains assessments and (b) daylight assessments

Applications should be sent to:

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