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99 City Road






London, UK

Project Type

1. Office Buildings

The redevelopment plans for 99 City Road propose a modern, 34-story commercial office building. The aspirational BREEAM Outstanding scheme, of circa 59,000 sqm, takes a holistic approach to sustainability. The community focused ground floor design increases exterior public realm space by 280% and comprises 21,500 sqft of publicly accessible space. The building’s folded terracotta façade, inspired by the local area, will limit unwanted solar exposure and promote access to daylight. The design maximises retention (over 50%) of the building’s existing structure. To reduce energy demand, the design follows a “fabric first” approach using climate-based passive design to reduce the operational energy demand.

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Our Contribution:

Our role was to inform the early façade design and touch base as to potentials and limitations of different façade alternatives. In more detail:

• Discuss the different considered solar control mechanisms: (a) glass (type and size), (b) fixed external elements (side fins, awnings and louvers), (c) façade rotation towards north, and (d) movable shading. Explain their potential benefit on peak solar gains and suggest ways forward. Properly combining some of these solar control mechanisms will allow us to maximize performance with minimum impact on design and occupant experience.

• Touch base with the Architectural intent and examine the performance of the currently considered solutions

• Map a number of solutions that meet the aforementioned set target: briefly discuss pros and cons of each solution to be discussed with the design group.


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