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Kanozi Arkitekter

BonTop Mölnlycke


Kanozi Arkitekter




Mölnlycke, Sweden

Project Type

4. Pavilions

In Mölnlycke, Bo Aktivt has begun construction of Sweden's first BonTop. A unique home in the form of an urban oasis with modern and exclusive homes where the environment, sustainability and activity are in focus.

87 modern apartments with access to gym, pool, sauna and a fantastic garden that offers summer all year round. A tranquil oasis that offers community on your terms.

Our Contribution:

Our contribution is to develop a tailored envelope design for highly complex transitory space. Key factor in this process was the vision of a unique, well-functioning winter garden that serves as meeting point for all residents. Kanozi Architects materialized this vision into a spacious atrium with plenty of daylight and we assist the Architects to develop a tailored skylight solution to meet the set goals


Frit as Solar Control Mechanism

In the winter garden there is only natural ventilation. This provides limited opportunity to cool the room. When the sun shines through the glass ceiling, the room will be heated, and we want to prevent this. The simplest solution is to use fairly dark sun protection glass on the entire glass roof, but unfortunately, this means that there will be very limited daylight for the plants on the ground floor.

Our approach is a bespoke glass roof with fairly clear sun protection glass combined with ceramic components, so-called frit, printed on selected areas.

The result of this is:
- Average sun exposure in desired areas can be limited
- Good quality daylight is ensured in the conservatory
- Exposed balconies would be shielded from direct solar radiation
- The plants in the winter garden receive sufficient sun and light

Click on the image to read more about our publication for this project on the Glass&Fasade magazine.

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