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White Arkitekter

Brännaren 18


White Arkitekter


White Arkitekter


Malmö, Sweden

Project Type

5. Residential Buildings

Brännaren 18 is part of the renovation plan for the industrial area of the Sorgenfri neighborhood in Malmö. It is designed as rental apartments for young adults, apartment hotels and a wide range of social spaces. Rental and hotel guests share the building's social areas and facilities. On the ground floor there is a staffed reception, lounge, laundry room, reading areas, games room, gym, deli and café.

Our Contribution:

Our contribution was focused on the facade design of the highly glazed staircases. We assisted White Arkitekter in selecting facade design, which minimizes the overheating risk and is in line with the architectural vision. Part of our task was to propose appropriate thermal comfort requirements for the staircases accounting for the fact that they are highly transitory spaces.


A Facade Solution for both Winter and Summer

We make suggestion for facade solutions that are in line with the architectural intent and provide an
acceptable thermal environment. Our work is divided in two parts:

1) Winter assessments: qualify and quantify the thermal performance of a Double Glazed Unit (DGU) and a
Triple Glazed Unit (TGU) and evaluate the sensibility heating set points.
2) Summer assessments: suggest glass and shading configurations and appropriate ventilation rate, that
adequately perform and minimize overheating risk.

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