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White Arkitekter



White Arkitekter




Malmö, Sweden

Project Type

1. Office Buildings

Kungsleden's new office building in Hyllie is designed by White Arkitekter as a vibrant workplace with a unique mix of different tenants. The hub of the building is the “green wedge”, a multi-storey atrium designed as a common living space incorporating all the social functions of the building.

Our Contribution:

Our contribution in this concept stage of the project was to assist designing a transitory space (atrium) with increased daylight, without compromising the quality of the indoor climate and the views out. Key to this collaboration was the common goal to enable for the Architectural vision to be expressed in its full intend and simultaneously ensure enhanced occupants’ and visitors’ experience using fixed, easily maintainable solutions that do not over complicate design and performance.


The “natural” feel: setting the requirements

Essential part of the process is to identify the atrium as a symbiotic space between the indoor and outdoors; a space that that allows occupants and visitors to meet, exchange ideas, network and relax. From early stage discussions with the Clients, the design team faced the challenge: We want to recreate high quality indoor environment at the Atrium that simultaneously feels natural and yet provides steady pleasant conditions. We need to create a space that is well day-lit with minimum overheating and glare risk, a space with maximum views out without installing movable systems and a space that fells calm, natural and of high quality.

First step to all this was to set solid performance requirements and get a clear understanding of our goals. Identifying the thermal conditions that will lead the occupants perceive their thermal environment as natural can be tricky. To do so, we need to extend the thermal conditions beyond the mechanically controlled environment of the office spaces that can feel at times hermetically sealed (indicated with light blue). Simultaneously, outdoor conditions should be recreated not as absolute result but as to the sensation that create to the occupants; it needs to feel natural but still be comfortable.

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