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Grynningen 5






Lund, Sweden

Project Type

1. Office Buildings

A completely new district is emerging with Södra Brunnshög in Lund. Together with Peab Fastigheter, Tengbom Architects, Gryningen 5 was developed - an innovative office concept where people (and thus the environment) are at the center both inside and outside the building.

Our Contribution:

We were involved in the early stage design for this project, to inform the right design directions and ensure the flexibility for the interior plan layout could be met in later stage, and Architectural intents are not compromised. We tested different glazing units, interior shading devices and balcony dimensions for two specific (yet representative) zones to inform the design decision for the whole building.


Solar Control Assessments

(a) maximize the rentable office area by suggesting façade alternatives that provide simultaneously adequate solar control and maximum daylight benefits
(b) ensure that our façade alternatives meet the set certification schemes, but also ensure good real-life performance related to daylight and views out
(c) optimize simple façade solutions (integrated to the Architectural design) avoiding complex facades of high cost and maintenance schemes

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