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White Arkitekter

Hyllie Connect


White Arkitekter




Malmö, Sweden

Project Type

1. Office Buildings

Skanska Öresund is developing the Hyllie Connect project. It consists of around 12,000 sqm of office space right next to Hyllie train station in Malmö, Sweden. The design has high environmental ambitions and aims for both LEED and WELL certification. The building consists of four different building bodies that are placed in different directions in relation to each other. They are differently exposed to solar radiation, and at certain times of the day the buildings shade each other.

Our Contribution:

This work was a joint effort by White Arkitekter and Inform Design to tailor-design the envelope of an office building that is articulated across multiple orientations. The primary motivation for this collaboration was our intention to deliver well-performing facades regarding solar protection without requiring high-tech solutions that increase investment and maintenance costs. The challenge was to tailor design facades that are partially exposed and partially shaded from the building volume. The set goals included solar protection, all-year-round daylight utilization, protected views out, minimizing costs for internal shading devices, and retaining light quality.


Facade Optimization Process

In unevenly exposed facades, we need to identify the group of zones that will experience shading and
divide it in a number of groups. Too many groups with different solutions will increase complexity and costs, to few groups will compromise performance. Another important parameter in the case of unevenly exposed facades is “when” the shadowing occurs and which is the effect on daylight levels of the most shaded zones. Initiating the analysis from those zones and working our way to the most exposed to solar radiation zones can allow us to satisfy the performance requirements for a broad range of zones.

Click on the image to read more about our publication of Hyllie Connect on the Glass&Fasade magazine.

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