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LDS Architects & Riverfilm

New Zealand House


LDS Architects




London, UK

Project Type

Office Buildings

LDS Architects proposed a renovation plan for the New Zealand High Commission building on Haymarket. It was originally designed in the 1950s and constructed in 1963. subAfter renovation, the space will be more multi-functional, and there will be restaurants, bars and retail units.

Our Contribution:

The aim of this work was to summarize the performance of certain façade systems and glazing/shading build-ups for the refurbishment of the New Zealand House. The performance assessments are carried out with regard to:
• Solar gains (set peak cooling loads)
• Solar gains (different annual cooling loads)
• Frequency of shading use affecting views out, appearance and real life daylight
• Façade (glazing) appearance
Our focus was not only to assess which façade solutions can meet a certain performance, but to also look into the hourly performance that meet the occupants’ expectations. Selecting the right façade system is just the first step we need to take. As a second step, we needed to “tune” the system with the proper glazing types and shading properties to avoid excessive shading use significantly compromising real life performance and occupant satisfaction.


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