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NSH by 23


LINK Arkitektur


Regionservice Skåne


Helsingborg, Sweden

Project Type

2. Hospitals

The new Psychiatric Hospital is an addition to the existing hospital in Helsingborg. The project encompasses laboratories, psychiatry and somatic outpatient clinics.

The building focuses on a stimulating, healing environment, where patient healing and restitution and the daily staff activities are both in focus. The eight open and one closed atria aim to bring more daylight in the occupied spaces and provide conditions that contribute in the wellbeing of occupants and the recovery of patients.

Our Contribution:

Inform Design was involved in several tasks including:
- Advise on façade systems for perimeter facades and open atria. Assessments to meet the peak solar gains targets and maximize daylight benefits.
- Closed Atrium: thermal comfort assessments including air temperature stratification effects, natural ventilation strategies and impact of incident solar radiation on the vertical facades – overheating risk
- Thermal comfort assessment in transitory spaces (corridors)
- Reflectors
- Controls
- Banding


Integrating reflectors for more vibrant atria

The main idea driving the integration of reflectors in the atria was to boost the visual experience of the users, beyond their expectations. Initially, the passive design strategies ensured that the building performance was maximized. In addition to that, active design (the reflectors) further extended the potential for utilizing sunlight, achieving a stimulating environment for the users and the visitors.

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