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AS.P.A. S.A.

PWC Campus


AS.P.A. S.A.




Athens, Greece

Project Type

1. Office Buildings

PwC Greece announced their new state-of-the-art offices in the area of Maroussi, designed by AS.P.A. Design. The new office complex consists of two four-storey, mirroring, elliptical-shaped buildings. The buildings are situated at the heart of the Maroussi business district and offer high visibility and easy access.

This project is registered with the certification goal of LEED Gold, and enrolled in the WELL Core TM programme.

Our Contribution:

Inform Design was invited by DIMAND to support the façade design of the PwC Campus building. Our role was twofold: (a) touch base with regard to the existing façade glazing configuration (solar and daylight performance) and (b) examine potential performance improvements when altering the glazing type or adding internal fabrics.


Solar Control and Daylight

Solar and daylight performance are 2 parameters that most often “fight” each other. Our aim is to examine whether an “1 size fits all” glazing solution is applicable in such building design. As the building has a circular form, each window experiences different solar exposure both as to intensity and duration. Given the project design stage, certain parameters were already decided (e.g. glazing size). Therefore our work
focuses on examining the performance of the currently selected glazing type and examine potential
improvements (similar glazing types, and internal shading fabrics in different orientations).

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