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White Arkitekter


White Arkitekter


Malmö, Sweden

Project Type

4. Pavilions

Smaragden is an impressing fully glazed pavilion serving as a meeting point in the courtyard of Brännaren 18. This project is part of the renovation plan by White Arkitekter for the industrial area of the Sorgenfri neighborhood in Malmö. The pavilion is intended to be used as a social space throughout the whole year and create a comfortable environment that would allow the users to be connected with the courtyard, while being protected by any undesired environmental conditions outdoors.

Our Clients involved us in an early stage to advise them on proper solar control mechanisms that will allow for a fully glazed envelope with minimum overheating risk, daylight of high quality, good views out and a feasible, low maintenance design.

Our Contribution:

By entering the early stage discussions we made a couple of observations and feed-backed our findings to our Clients. As the fully glazed pavilion will not be evenly exposed to solar radiation throughout the year, we took the initiative to investigate the option of applying "tailored" solar control at the skylight, increasing the solar control intensity in the areas more required. The selected solar control mechanism (frit) is and angle independent, unevenly distributed, constantly performing, applied to specific areas of the skylight and vertical façade.


Frit as a solar control mechanism

Frit was examined as a solar control option. The assessment of the required frit on each glazing unit was based on a spatial analysis of the (Corrected) Operative Temperature.

To properly distribute the frit in the glazing units, we predicted the overheating hours for several occupant positions accounting for the effect of Direct Solar Component; then for each overheating hour we ray-traced the sun positions and marked the intersection points on the building’s envelope. By further processing the output data, we calculated the required percentage and placement of frit for each glazing unit.

Click on the image to read more about our articles on the "Inside-Out" approach to design a tailored solar protection solution for the pavilion.

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