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The Element






Athens, Greece

Project Type

1. Office Buildings

The Element office building is an exciting 14,000 sqm prime development in Maroussi, Athens. The Architects are SPARCH, while Arbitrage Real Estate is acting as Project Manager on behalf of Prodea Investments.

Our Contribution:

The scope of our work was to suggest façade configurations (with regard to glazing & shading combinations) that met the set solar performance requirements and follow the architectural intent.


Limit solar gains

The dimensioning of the movable vertical external screens, was initially done by considering the maximum transmitted solar radiation (W/m²) as instructed by the HVAC engineers.

Considering the 50% perforation of the screens, we depicted the minimum ratios allowed in order to meet the maximum transmitted solar radiation (W/m² glazed area) requirements set by the HVAC engineers. The ratios can potentially be higher (to serve design) but not lower than the ones indicated, to meet the set targets

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