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White Arkitekter

The Loop


White Arkitekter


White Arkitekter & SKANSKA


Lund, Sweden

Project Type

1. Office Buildings

The building, due for completion in 2022, will be an important component of Science Village’s infrastructure. The Loop will facilitate interaction between commercial companies and the region’s researchers, and aims to be a place where ideas and innovations are developed into useful technologies and products. The building will have 6 floors, with areas designed for companies, conferences, infrastructure, exhibitions and concerts.

Our Contribution:

Inform Design was involved early in the process to identify potentials and bottlenecks of different glazing solutions, examine tailored solutions and advise on the directions we need to move towards a high performing skylight.


Tailored Solution for Solar Control: Frit Design

By applying frit only on selected glazing units we can provide the same solar protection for the office spaces adjacent to the atrium and in the same time use a TGU that will not affect significantly the daylight quality in the atrium. And by “tailor designing” the skylight we increase the performance resolution and we don’t allow the “bottleneck” to decide for the overall design.

Click on the image to read more about our publication for The Loop on Glass&Fasade magazine.

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