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Tsolakis Architects

The Wave


Tsolakis Architects




Athens, Greece

Project Type

1. Office Buildings

The objective of the project was the redevelopment of an existing office building on Syngrou Avenue, a prominent location, as Syngrou is a major arterial road of Athens around which there are plenty of commercial buildings, offices and hotels.

The Architects' proposal is a building that functions as an element that creates a flow of events within the urban fabric, a flow that responds to the experience of movement and passing through that is generated on Syngrou Avenue. The geometrical equivalent of the imprinted movement is the dynamic factor of the façade design.

Our Contribution:

Inform Design was invited from an early stage to assist the Client and the design team with regard to the solar control strategy of “The Wave”. Our aim was to find an optimum balance between 3 solar control mechanisms: (a) solar control glasses, (b) internal fabrics and (c) vertical fixed external elements. It needs to be noted that the 3 examined façade orientations experience very different incident solar radiation as to intensity and duration; therefore a tailored solution was necessary to meet the performance and design targets.


Optimization of fixed elements

Our main aim was to provide a tailored solution scheme (for the design of the fixed external elements) depending on façade orientation. With regard to glazing, we examined different options and suggested the integration of different coatings to different facades without significantly altering the appearance between the façades.

The suggested solutions should satisfy the Architectural intent, and simultaneously meet the maximum solar gain goals, as set by the HVAC consultants. Other parameters we considered were: views out (especially for the facades with views to Acropolis) and the frequency that internal fabrics will need to be retracted for solar control and thermal comfort.

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