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Oslo Works & Haugen Zohar



Oslo Works & Haugen Zohar


Oslo Works


Oslo, Norway

Project Type

1. Office Buildings

The Trekattomten plot is the last undeveloped corner of the Aker Brygge area. The site is surrounded by a complex urban structure consisting of both historic and modern buildings. The plot has never been built on, but has historically been the thoroughfare for people, to and from the former industrial area Akers Mekaniske Verksted.

The proposal's main intentions for the plot are:
- A commercial building with an inviting city floor with a varied program for a complex Oslo
- A commercial building with good workplaces for tomorrow's office
- A commercial building with a building structure that is well adapted to a neighbouring building

Our Contribution:

Following our discussions with the Architects we examined the façade’s performance in terms of solar control, daylight and views out. The main emphasis was on good views out, therefore we examined possible ways to limit the time when movable fabrics will be used for solar control.

We identified certain challenges with regard to the overhang design and the orientation of the façade. During spring time the overhang is not effective due to low sun angles almost perpendicular to the façade, while in summer, parts of the façade are overshaded.

The overhang has rather uneven shading effect on the glazing. This means some windows are well shaded, while others are highly exposed to solar radiation and will require movable fabrics too often.


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