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White Arkitekter



White Arkitekter




Malmö, Sweden

Kungsleden's new office building in Hyllie is designed as a vibrant workplace with a unique mix of different tenants. The hub of the building is the “green wedge”, a multi-storey atrium designed as a common living space incorporating all the social functions of the building. Our contribution in this concept stage of the project was to assist designing a transitory space (atrium) with increased daylight, without compromising the quality of the indoor climate and the views out.

Thermal comfort

Ensuring good thermal environment was an essential part of our contribution. Therefore in our analysis, we accounted for the nature and diversity of the space in terms of occupants and activities and linked them to appropriate comfort requirements and thermal comfort models. The whole body experience and local thermal discomfort factors were assessed for different design alternatives.



To ensure enhanced occupant experience inviting daylight is essential. Therefore we carried out a parametric study and assessed the impact of glazing and shading options on daylight.

The daylight analysis provided a more complete overview of the indoor environment and ensured a balance between the desired transparency of the envelope and the actual performance.


Atrium design

Our role in this project was to assist the architects in taking strategic decisions regarding the atrium design at the concept stage. This included analysis of different glazed façade options and their effect on the indoor environment.
Factors considered in the analysis were indoor air temperature stratification and the direct solar component falling on the occupants. The aim was to increase the transparency of the east, west and north glazed facades and allow for undisturbed views out without compromising the performance.

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