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OpenStudio & EGA Erik Giudice Architects



OpenStudio & EGA Erik Giudice Architects




Lund, Sweden


When the new tramway between Lund Central and Brunnshög is completed in the winter of 2020, Ideon will of course have its own stop. Right next to the Ideontorget stop, Wihlborgs, together with OpenStudio & EGA, is developing the Zenit project - an innovative office building and a meeting place for the entire area. With a strong focus on employees' health and well-being, the aim is to create a workplace that promotes both focused work and relaxing socializing. Zenit becomes a hub in the area that invites meaningful breaks and interesting meetings.

Facade configurations

We carried out a parametric study in order to devise the optimum inclination and distance of the horizontal fixed elements for the bottom part of the windows. The aim was to ensure effective performance and adequate views out.

As the views out are dependent on the distance of the occupant to the façade, his/her height and the height of the window (geometrical characteristic of the bottom part), we have carried an analysis to inform the design of the elements.



Optimization of fixed horizontal louvres

The fixed horizontal elements were introduced for the following reasons:
· Allow for glazing with good light quality (avoid dark or reflective glasses)
· Reduce the frequency use of internal fabrics
· Provide effective, robust, low maintenance solutions that will not retract above specific wind speeds
To avoid over-sizing the fixed elements we carried out parametric studies where we selected preferable glazing options and ensured that the internal fabrics will not be drawn very often (for solar control purposes).

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