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Frit as a solar control mechanism

Frit was examined as a solar control option. The advantage of frit is that is a angle interdependent and yet an unevenly distributed solar control mechanism. This means that we can place frit in the areas more required without altering the quality of transmitted light nor unnecessarily reducing the Light Transmittance values. The assessment of the required frit on each glazing unit was based on a spatial analysis of the (Corrected)  Operative Temperature. 

To properly distribute the frit in the glazing units, we predicted the overheating hours for several occupant positions accounting for the effect of Direct Solar Component; then for each overheating hour we ray-traced the sun positions and marked the intersection points on the building’s envelope. By further processing the output data, we calculated the required percentage and placement of frit for each glazing unit.

Spatial analysis of operative temperature

Overheating at occupants positions

Intersection points with the envelope when overheating

Frit distribution on skylights

Operative temperature printscreen from R
% overheating 60-28 all year.png
Intersection points when overheating Web
(60-28) OW ach_cold_period - frit percen
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