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Solar control vs. Daylight

Our aim when selecting appropriate glass types for each area of the façade was to increase views out without compromising daylight. 

It is common knowledge that clear TGUs (Triple Glazing Units) in areas highly exposed to solar radiation most likely will result in overusing shading blocking the views out and effectively reducing the daylight within the occupied space (especially if one considers that the glazing is selective while the shading is not). The opposite is the effect in north facing facades and heavily shaded areas; solar control TGUs (with low light transmittance) will unnecessarily reduce useful daylight and the quality of the views out. 

Finding the right balance between glass and shading performance was a large part of our work.This was achieved by assessing the frequency of shading use and the indicative daylight availability with the specific shading schedules for several glazing options.

Glass vs. shading

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