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Perimeter Facades

Our role was to advise JM on TGU build-ups, (internally placed) shading fabrics and internal venetian blinds that can meet the set requirements and provide a good real life performance. To do so, we needed to take “one step back” and re-examine the effectiveness of different (glazing  & shading) configurations with regard to certain parameters, as described below.

In more detail, our aim was to (a) fulfil the set performance requirements focusing on the solar performance, g-value of the glazing and g-system value (glazing + shading) and (b) provide a solution that allows for good views out and real-life daylight benefits. When assessing the frequency of shading use we considered the limits for transmitted solar radiation as set by the HVAC consultants and when necessary we took the initiative to make reasonable assumptions.

Ensuring a good Real-life performance

Ex Fabric - Frequency of the shading use
Ex Fabric - Blocked Views Out.jpg
Ex Fabric - Views Out.jpg
Dark Glazing.jpg
Ex Fabric - Daylight disadvantage.jpg
Ex Fabric - Daylight disadvantage 2.jpg
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