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Architect: Sweco | Client: Sweco

Location: Malmö, Sweden


In a new visionary idea for Malmö, Sweco presents a proposal that explores the city's densification possibilities. The Loop Village provides an opportunity to build more housing without using arable land, utilizing a space that is currently superfluous due to existing infrastructure. The study aims to identify densification possibilities in Malmö taking into account earlier vision studies, Öresund City and Kontintentalstaden.

Redefining some of our concepts about how we build today and finding solutions for future densification are essential topics. According to Urban Skogmar, Architect at Sweco, by planning for new residential typologies, such as Loop Village, areas that are currently separated by infrastructure can be merged into one community.

A group of experts joined forces in this concept project stage to identify possibilities and maximize the potential benefits. Interactive work within a multidisciplinary team aims to communicate the vision, set performance requirements, strengthen the feasibility and ensure that the concept will be materialized in its full potential. A six step method demonstrates how the vision of Loop Village is conceptually supported by the Façade and Building Physics consultants of “Inform Design” from an early, conceptual stage. The aim of this article is not to describe detailed façade solutions but to demonstrate how early discussions within the design team can deploy the full potentials of a concept.

Loop Village

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