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Architect: LINK Arkitektur | Client: Göteborgs Stad

Location: Göteborg, Sweden


Torslandaskolan is an elementary school for about 600 children in grades F-6. The building consists of the two main volumes on East and West, having separate windows, and a fully glazed Bridge link connecting the two.

LINK Arkitektur won an Architectural Competition to design a school for 580 pupils and 27 pupils with special needs, from preschool classes to the 6th grade.

Great emphasis has been placed on designing the schoolyard according to the water theme. The children will be able to follow the rainwater's path from the roof, further down the yard and finally how it’s infiltrated into the natural landscape. The school consists of two main volumes, which are connected by a link building that includes communication, entrance, canteen, library and lounge areas.

The link building has glass sections facing the entrance to the north and towards the school yard in the south. This allows visibility and light to flow through the entrance to the school yard. To the south, the glass section contains of solar cells that produce electricity for the school and act as solar shielding.

In 2023 the school will be finished.


1. Illustration_Träningssärskolan.jpg
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