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Informing Design is the process in which the engineer/modeller assesses the performance of different design alternatives, in order to quantify their benefits and raise awareness as to potential performance failures. It plays a clearly supportive role during the design process and has a maximum effect when included from an early stage.

Informing building and envelope design from a building physics perspective may include topics such as energy use and occupant comfort assessments of proposed facade components, performance evaluation of shading and glazing elements, etc.

Inform Design AB started its journey in January 2017. Our field of work is in Facades, Building Physics and Indoor Climate assessments with an emphasis on highly glazed  constructions. We are part of the design team, materializing the architectural vision, complimenting the HVAC services and ensuring enhanced facade performance and quality for users and developers

Our role in the projects is twofold:

(a) qualify and quantify alternatives suggested by designers, assess their performance and communicate the benefits of each option.

(b) get actively involved in the creative process by suggesting options that can improve performance, compliment design and keep quality and costs to satisfactory levels.

Collaborations & Developments

It is within our direct intentions to ensure a continuous development of our knowledge and methods. To achieve that we establish collaborations with external parties and and seize opportunities to join forces with experts with parallel R&D interests in our field.

So far, those efforts include collaboration agreements for developing software tools (ARUP), contribution in University M.Sc. programs (LTH, Lund University, Sweden and UCL, London, UK) and participation in the IEA SHC Task 61 (Integrated Solutions for Daylighting and Electric Lighting).

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