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Welcome Xintong and Set!

AUG 25, 2023

Publication on GLASS&FASADE magazine

FEB, 01 2022

A joint effort by White Arkitekter and Inform Design to tailor-design the envelope of an office building that is articulated across multiple orientations.

Job opening

MAY 05, 2021

The Wave: our 4th international project

MAR. 02, 2021

"The Wave" is a refurbishment project in the center of Athens overlooking Acropolis.

Fragoklisias Office Building

APR. 16, 2020

Smaragden published in Glass & Fasade magazine

SEP. 23, 2019

Helsingborgs Sjukhusområde; Publication on Glass & Fasade Magazine

FEB. 25, 2019

Seminar: Pushing the boundaries of glazed facades

MAR. 15, 2018

GPD Step Change participation & presentation on thermal comfort tool

JUL. 02, 2017

A big welcome to Medina

FEB. 01, 2017

Medina is a Constructive Architect/Engineer with a specialisation in Dynamic Thermal Modelling and a strong background in Thermal Comfort.

Job opening: Intern position

APR. 17, 2023

Inform Design is opening the opportunity for an internship position.

Publication on GLASS&FASADE magazine

DEC 13, 2021

A collaboration with Kanozi Architects. BonTop is a high-end residential project with a large indoor garden, and advise was given on glazing, and an extensive research on thermal comfort was conducted.

The Loop

APR. 12, 2021

Inform Design's contribution is in the field of facades and building physics. Our aim is to suggest solutions that will allow for enhanced real life performance in terms of solar gains, occupant comfort and daylight.

Belgrove House

SEP. 16, 2020

We were fortunate to team up with FMDC and contribute in early stage decision making process.

Integrated Facades Lecture at UCL

FEB. 02, 2020

Co-work Eden published in Glass & Fasade magazine

JAN 03, 2019

One more example how we managed to add value in architectural design without compromising performance.

EDEN Atrium; Publication on Glas Magazine

JAN. 06, 2019

Participation in IEA SHC Task 61

FEB. 28, 2018

We are participating in Glass Performance Days (GPD), 2017, Finland

MAY. 07, 2017

Job opening: Engineer/Architect

APR. 17, 2023

Inform Design is opening an Engineer/Architect position.

Publication on GLASS&FASADE magazine

JUN. 21, 2021

Highlighting the valuable raytracing and optimization technical skills our new colleague, Iason Bournas brought to our team.

BonTop closed garden

MAR. 06, 2021

At Inform Design we believe that sophisticated engineering can lead to simple solutions and support the initial architectural intent.

Publication in the Glass & Fasade magazine

MAY 25, 2020

Torslandaskolan: Design of fixed elements for optimized performance.

ZAK World of Facades

OCT. 15, 2019

ZAK World of facades

MAY 23, 2019

3rd Annual Innovative Glazing Global Summit

OCT. 08, 2018

Collaboration agreement with ARUP

SEP. 03, 2017

Collaboration with Lund University: Supervising 2 MSc thesis that aim to assist designers and improve building envelope performance

FEB. 13, 2017

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