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White Arkitekter

Kulturhus Skellefteå


White Arkitekter


ACC Glasrådgivare


Skellefteå, Sweden

Project Type

3. Public Buildings

The Skellefteå Kulturhus is a timber-frame tower complex that places art, performance and literary organizations alongside each other in a spectacular setting. Skellefteå Cultural Centre will be a new home for the Västerbotten Regional Theatre, Anna Nordlander Museum, Skellefteå Art Gallery, as well as the City Library. The complex will also contain a new hotel to accommodate the growing numbers of tourists to the city, as well as to provide a source of revenue for the local authority.

The glass façade wrapping the building reflects the sky while revealing the spectacular exposed timber-framed ceiling inside.

Our Contribution:

Early involvement with the design team allowed us to brainstorm on the ventilation strategy of the Double Skin Façade of the Skellefteå Kulturhus. And our role is to provide indicative results to the Architects to guide the initial design.


Double Skin Facade assessments

Due to the low outdoor air temperatures and the intense solar radiation (Skellefteå climate file), there might be a potential in energy savings if we circulate the air across the Double Skin Façade on every floor level.As illustrated, the air within the cavity can be circulated reducing the ΔΤ between the cavity and the indoors and therefore the heat gains or losses. This can potentially reduce energy and provide better thermal conditions.

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