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White Arkitekter

NSM Vårdbyggnad


White Arkitekter


Region Skåne


Malmö, Sweden

Project Type

2. Hospitals

The two health care buildings will be part of the new hospital area of Malmö city. The new Malmö Hospital creates the conditions for a care in which human beings are in focus. Flexibly designed examination rooms create opportunities to conduct more personalized care. For increased patient safety and integrity, the care departments consist of single-patient rooms.

Our Contribution:

The main focus of our work is to assess solar exposure and therefore suggest the proper glazing options and solar control mechanisms to complement the Architectural intentions. Our assessments were based on the set goals for frequency of shading use. In the analysis we accounted that shading is used only for solar protection (requirements for transmitted solar radiation set by the HVAC consultants) and not for glare or privacy.


Solar Exposure

An essential part of our work was to divide the façade into different areas according to their solar exposure (transmitted solar radiation through the windows). Areas highly exposed will need increased solar protection (provided either by a solar control glass or frequently used shading) and areas less exposed could significantly benefit from clear glasses with increased Light Transmittance values.

Our analysis was carried out considering the frequency of shading use (highly affecting the views out) and the daylight levels within the occupied spaces.

The division of the facades into solar exposure areas can have a large impact on the occupants satisfaction.

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