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Kanozi Arkitekter



Kanozi Arkitekter


UBA Glas & Fasad AB


Malmö, Sweden

Project Type

Office Buildings

E-ON's new head office will be a landmark in Malmö's growing development area Nyhamnen, with undulating facades that combine wood, glass and brick in an urban expression. The house will be a place for the current, scattered activities and gather the energy solutions of the future. The office building is a total of approximately 25,000 m² with workplaces for 1,500 employees and will be certified with the highest sustainability ambitions. With the location in Nyhamnen, E-ON will have an office in close proximity to the central station and the establishment will be an important engine for the development of the entire new district.

Our Contribution:

Our work focuses on 2 issues: (a) examine whether the desired solar performance can be met with the current design and (b) assess cavity air temperatures for a South and West rectangular, simplified Double Skin façade cavities.


Cavity Air Temperature

Modelling such a complex Double Skin Façade system is a very demanding exercise and it will probably need a combination of Dynamic Thermal Modelling and Computational Fluid Dynamics assessments. Nevertheless, we carried out an assessment with a simplified model when compared to the real life scenario as briefly demonstrated in the left.

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