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LINK Arkitektur



LINK Arkitektur


Göteborgs Stad


Göteborg, Sweden

Project Type

3. Public Buildings

LINK Arkitektur won an Architectural Competition to design a school for 580 pupils and 27 pupils with special needs, from preschool classes to the 6th grade.

Great emphasis has been placed on designing the schoolyard according to the water theme. The children will be able to follow the rainwater's path from the roof, further down the yard and finally how it’s infiltrated into the natural landscape. The school consists of two main volumes, which are connected by a link building that includes communication, entrance, canteen, library and lounge areas.

In 2023 the school will be finished.

Our Contribution:

LINK Arkitektur and Inform Design once more collaborated to ensure a high quality in terms of design and performance public building. Primary motivation to this collaboration was our intention to deliver a functional space that is well performing all-year-round without requiring high tech solutions that increase investment and maintenance costs.


Setting the requirements and driving the design

In buildings where there is a direct link between indoor and outdoor conditions (such as schools) the quality of design is strongly related to the experience of the occupants when they move between environments. Severe changes (e.g. daylight levels) can disappoint the occupants as they do not meet their expectations.

During cloudy days we want to allow a a lot of good quality daylight, and retain as much of the view as possible. During sunny days our goal is to allow plenty of daylight in the classrooms, but at the same time avoid having to block the view by internal sun shading.

Click on the image to read more about our solution to this project on the Glass&Fasade magazine.

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